Dissonanze Podcast 58 | Hålbå

Hålbå is the project created by Alessio Barbuzza dedicated to combining the experimentation of sound design and audio synthesis with the darker and hypnotizing soul of techno music.
Parallel to the years of study aimed at understanding the most advanced audio techniques, begins to learn new musical nuances and attend high-level clubs and festivals. The result of his experiences led him to define the soul of his project, where technical refinement coexists with the raw and brutal part of electronic music.
The artist, through his dj-sets and productions that have always different mood and sonority, wants to show his vision towards today’s world: his will to tell a story or convey a feeling is translated in the form of raw and psychedelic grooves immersed in in sci-fi and granular textures.



Alume – Physical Frequency
Lair – I Hurt so I Cry
Veronica Moser & Paramorphosi – Summer Paralysis
Human Larvae – I Do This Because I Love You
Keikari – Uhri
Rune Bagge & Iron Sight – Salvation
Scorn – Who Are They Which One
Savage Cult – Warpaint Ritual (Hypnoskull Remix)
ANFS – Psevdesthisis
DiNT – Stain
Arabian Violence – Fatima Welked Labass
Coal – Rest In Piss
Aleksander Jagodzinski – Pomòr
Exploited Body – Artificial Proximity
Outlander – Throat Slasher
74185# – R**** (Outro)
Uboa – The Sky May Be (Extus)
Purgist – Pieces Won’t Fall Back in Place
Restive Plaggona – Far From You
Iron Sight – White Clover
Shapednoise – What is it Like?
Exploited – Body Embrace
Ontal – Ikari
SØS Gunver Ryberg – 1170 Siva (Bare Bones)
Death Kneel – Love’s Disciple Carved in Marble
SØS Gunver Ryberg – Op ad dybet
Maldoror – She