Dissonanze Podcast 59 | JakoJako

Self-taught and primarily a live performer, JakoJako makes extensive use of modular synthesis in her productions and on stage. ”Depending on how you configure your system, you can design a completely different instrument every time. I love when it’s surprising me.” When not in the studio, her expertise is put to use advising well-established artists on their own systems at Berlin’s synth-mecca SchneidersLaden.



Joachim Spieth – Candela
Vacant – Runaway
JT Whitfield – Everything is Different
Ptegyrium – The Male Antipathy
Michael Speers – obturo
Ptegyrium – Drain Out
Yurt Yurt – Untitled
Clarence Park – Holy Ground
Inner8 – Kunshi
exael – acc
JakoJako & Barker – G min# (unreleased)
Marco Ferrazza – Tomorrow in the Battle
øjeRum – Through Nothing We Shall Wander
Selm – Zu
Wings Of An Angel – In A Rare Mindstate Of Redundant Luck
Neel – Vandal
Nigh/T\mare – Feel The Emptiness
Shlømo – Tbilisian Cure