Dissonanze Podcast 60 | Cyb

CYB is an Italian drummer, producer and dj based in Amsterdam.
As a musician he’s always been looking for a personal, racy and original style. As a Dj he likes experiencing primarily with all the shades of Techno and Intelligent Dance Music mixing atmospheric melodies with an articulated, percussive and complex rhythmic texture.
After a long militancy as drummer for Ulan Bator (FR), Object (FR), Dilatazione (IT) and La Band del Brasiliano (IT) CYB was heavily influenced by the pulsating techno scene starting to experiment with synthesizers and drum machines. In June 2015 he released an EP with the italian duo Goldstreet for Elastica Records. In January 2018, after long sessions in studio, he released a first Ep in collaboration with Elisa Batti, “M/W”, on the prestigious American label Detroit Underground.
In 2018 they founded Immaterial.Archives debuting with “Between Viewers and Spaces”, which featured excellent remixes by Michal Jablonski and Wrong Assessment. For the second and third chapter “Undersea Mountains Pt.1 e Pt.2”, released on 2019, they had the pleasure of having other four brillant contributions from Alfredo Mazzilli, Keikari, Vsk and Kaiser.
2020 starts with IA004 “Doomed to Reverberate”, the first Various Artists on Immaterial.Archives curated by Cyb.
Cyb composed also original soundtracks for advertisings, visual performances and dance pièces.
His aim is focused on bringing the audience into his personal narration and interpretation of electronic music in order to solicit the most helpful feedbacks, to amplify the perception of music and then, as a consequence, to foster interest and ideas around it.



A thousand details – Diavoli Mentali (ATD)
Worg and OutpostLive – Hiems (Immaterial.Archives)
Elias. – Frozen (Hayes)
Wht Moth – Soda Caustica (Immaterial.Archives)
Unknown Artist – Nowhere Fast (Planet Rhythm)
Kapoor – Track B (Four sides)
Jack Von Acid – Lost (Planet Rhythm)
Unknown Artist – Acid Rain (Planet Rhythm)
Vinicious Honorio and Raphael Dincsoy – Turn Up (Liberta)
A4 – Y position (Sub tl)
Cyb and Elisa Batti – Vema (Keikari Remix) (Immaterial.Archives)
Anita Kunst – Nowhere (30drop Remix)
Alexander Johansson and Mattias Fridell – Udda Avvikelser (Methodical)
Moddullar – Expecting (Innsignn)
Alpi – Nirodha (Immaterial.Archives)
Wht Moth – Reduced to the bone (Pfirter Remix)
A thousand details – Fibresol (ATD)
Cyb – Restless (Unreleased Track)
Muzmin – Chrdl (Revolt)
Cyb – Oblivious (Immaterial.Archives)