Dissonanze Podcast 65 | JK Flesh

JK Flesh is the pseudonym employed by Justin K Broadrick for his solo work within the realm of heavy/mutant techno/electronica – informed by industrial, dub, power electronics and the extreme excesses of electronic music driven by beats and bass. He initially used this pseudonym in Techno-Animal with co-conspirator Kevin Martin (The Bug).
Justin is known for his history as GODFLESH, JESU, FINAL, ZONAL (formerly Techno-Animal), etc, and for writing the music/guitar on Side A of the legendary ‘Scum’ album by Napalm Death.
JK Flesh has releases on Electric Deluxe, Downwards, Hospital Productions and many more with many more to come.



This is a live hardware session by JK Flesh – recorded live at Avalanche, June 2020.