Dissonanze Podcast 66 | Ike Dusk

Ike Dusk hails from northwest Germany and has over 15 years experience in the electronic music scene. Numerous Dj-gigs in his local area helped him to evolve into a recognised and respected artist in the local scene.
In 2013 he constantly worked on his production skills then self released tracks on Bandcamp and Soundcloud until his first official solo EP ’12 Bit Fidelity’ was signed by Utrecht based label Obscuur Records in early 2016.
Well known electronic craftsman JoeFarr signed Ike after he won a remix competition for JoeFarr’s track ‘Don’t be afraid’. Ike joined the UX roster in 2018 and is continuing to execute his raw and driving productions with style.



1. Öspiel (feat. Simina Oprescu) – Only You And I Will Remain
2. MIjKE – Rasshu
3. Strathy & Boyd Schidt – Twilight
4. Juan Trujillo – Anomaly
5. Kaylah – Spaceship High
6. Ingen – Bark Of Dog (Ike Dusk Remix)
7. MIjKE – Taimuran (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix)
8. Ghost In The Machine – Beep Impact
9. Lewis G. Burton – Hermaphrodite (Louisahhh Remix)
10. Blush Response – Post Truth
11. Ike Dusk – Blynken (Heretix Remix)
12. Bjarki – Hatann Satann
13. Dj Dextro – Veneno
14. Stanislav Tolkachev – The Fridge 6
15. NN – He Who Curses His Blood (UVB Au Bücher Remix)
16. Under Black Helmet – Direct Collapse
17. b.mod – Unreleased
18. Deapmash – Penta (Cleric Remix)
19. Ingen – Syrup Plate (JoeFarr Remix)
20. MDD – Exitdown
21. Haffa Combino – Kobent (Version 2)
22. Buried Secrets – Take Control (Illnurse Remix)