Dissonanze Podcast 67 | Draugr

With over 8 years of experience behind him, Draugr falls nothing short of a rhythmical techno boss. His unique pointy and fast paced style successfully hits the entire musical spectrum sending the crowd into a deep, groovy and powerful euphoria.



Draugr – Unreleased
Draugr – Fractured
Kontain – Your job is to make art
Opal – Cadmium
Exsiderurgica – Notturno
öspiel – Unreleased
Endlec – Heavy hitter
Makaton – Defiler (Tomohiko Sagae Remix)
VSK – Inception
AHXAT – Metempsychose
Archae & Grovskopa – Ex
öspiel – Unreleased
Paragon – Normal people