Dissonanze Podcast 69 | Hüma Utku

Istanbul born and raised, Berlin based electronic musician and sound artist Hüma Utku explores the possibilities of how sound textures and rhythm can be used to evoke a sense of ancient within abstract electronic music. With an overall disregard for musical genre divisions, she fuses field recordings, traditional acoustic instruments, atmospheric ambience; into harmonious noise and harsh ritualistic rhythms as means to utilise sound and music as tools for storytelling.
In August 2018 ”Şeb-i Yelda” (EP/12”) was released by Karlrecords, which presented Utku (as R.A.N.) with an evolved sound and strong theme to a wider international audience. Following the success of her EP, Utku released her debut full-length album under her own name ”Gnosis” in July 2019 via the same label. This release gained Utku recognition for her unique approach of creating story plots by merging themes with electronics and traditional folkloric sounds.



Metropolitan Sutra Gathering – Meuko! Meuko!
Dose II (Memento Mori) – 9T Antiope
Dementia – Nene Hatun
Large Fly – Thoom
Dancing (Swamp) – Miki Yui
Love – Marta Forsberg
Collapse – Constantine Skourlis
Never The Sun – December
Acid Melancholy – Dasha Rush
Polytude (feat. Ekaterina Burlyga) – Inland
And – Nurse With Wound
All The Universe Conspires – Hüma Utku
Tiny human figurines made from sand. If you held these to your ear, you heard soft sweet music – David Toop
Maskinhallen Nocturne – Maria W Horn
Blue – NUM
Fairytale Extended – Martina Claussen
Mono – Phillip Sollmann
Telencima – Nicolas Jaar
Sorgens Aska – Angst Sessions
Per Aspera (ad Astra) – Fennesz
Sol and Luna – Joep Beving