Dissonanze Podcast 71 | Rommek

As a well-established artist, Rommek has creatively expanded in his own sound, as well as carving his way into the current techno and experimental scene. His extensive interest in sound design is crafted within the dense atmospheres, heavy broken drums and dynamic tones found within his productions. The London based producer released his debut 12” ‘Thought Patterns EP’ on Weekend Circuit in 2014. Since then, he’s released music on Leyla records, Methodical and in 2016 he joined the seminal Blueprint Records.
After various releases that grounded him within the Blueprint family, Rommek then completed his most establish work to date, the ‘Set In Stone Trilogy’ in 2018. The three part release compromises of 12 tracks, original and remixes from key members of the Blueprint team, James Ruskin, OVR, Broken English Club and Makaton.
Torn Relics, the experimental project between Rommek + Aimee Mullen (Violinist and Vocalist) was formed during 2018. Their debut EP, The Poisoned Chalice, released on Sacred Court, featured a remix by label owner SNTS. In 2020 the duo’s debut 8-Track album: Abolish The Dogma, was released on Leyla Records.



William Basinski – O, My Daughter, O, My Sorrow
Opus Daemonii – Quantum Rift
Llimbs – Mass
E-Saggila – Anima Bulldozer
Quelza – Rebirth
Aphex Twin – Dodeccaheedron
NN – The Blood Of A White Monark
Julia Morawe – Beacon System (P.E.A.R.L. Remix)
Stanislav Tolkachev – Tag everyone and say nothing
Kamavosian – Embrace The Oblivion
Nigh/T\mare – Impure (Pact Infernal Remix) [Forthcoming Thrènes]
Downwell – Brainwash (Original Mix)
Makornik – Hold & Release
Inhalt Der Nacht – Bis Das Blut Gefriert
7XINS – Powerful Exchanges Of Information
Buried Secrets – Vanishing Point
Under Black Helmet – Running Barefoot (Paolo Ferrara & Lorenzo Raganzini remix)