Dissonanze Podcast 72 | Liza Aikin

Half-tempo and unusual soundscapes are the hallmarks of Techno producer, live act and DJ Liza Aikin. In her Berlin studio, she is dedicated to tailor made music production, always looking to recreate the sound she was missing in her dj sets, with her favorite tools: field recordings and modular synthesizers.
Her work has been released on labels such as Mord Records, Emetic, Decoy Records and OBSCUUR.



Duellist & Kenny Campbell – Hate breeds hate (Liza Aikin remix) [Forthcoming Dissonanze Recordings]
Codex Empire – Sleep garden
Martyn Hare – Desolado
Volsent – Benedict luxor (Duellist Remix)
Duellist & Kenny Campbell – Minute of decay [Forthcoming Dissonanze Recordings]
Shadowcomplex – Reborn fire (Vittorio Di Mango remix)
EAS – Welcome to my death machine
Julian Muller – Nebula
Historical Repeater – Paranoia
Aahan – We’ll rave again
Bastian Horro – Cerberus (Antechamber remix)
Liza Aikin – Enclave
Swivel – Broken tapes
Error Drive – Sine sight cut
Welt In Scherben – Faust im nacken
Lado – Wings of the antichrist (D. Carbone remix)
Duellist & Kenny Campbell – Hate breeds hate [Forthcoming Dissonanze Recordings]
Alessandro Nero – Gory days